GoldWing-Karriere in English
Jubiläums-Schlussfahrt 2017
1.Mai 2012: Jubiläums-Rallye
1.Mai 2007: Jubiläums-Rallye
Jubiläums-Schlussfahrt 2007

I had a speech to the licing in Switzerland

We picked up two GLs 1500 in Phoenix/AZ and rode it back to Orlando to the site of the International Motorcycle-Safety Conference, a distance of 5'500 kms in about one week. On that trip we visited our friends in Pasadena, Texas and the ones in Florida. It was a great trip again, and the 1500-machines flew back together with us to Germany to the owner. 
On the picture left my ex-wife Luzia who drove one of the 1500-machines. 

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